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https://play.radioaurora.am/upload/videos/2022/06/N9qGQnG3C7j4pLDRYTpT_08_aea367a23bf4e9cc4b71da73a70369f2_video_360p_converted.mp4 I will not allow the loss of a mother to be the loss of…

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what will be done right now in the center

Arkady kissed the girl on the cheek and left. Perhaps that was the happiest day…

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astrologer Elya

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Happy Birthday

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Nikol Pashinyan

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the opposition

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Pashinyan’s birthday

    Now Massachusetts is a highly industrial State. Electrical machinery, including electronics and communications…

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Meeting at the Chinese Embassy

    Today there are 38 national parks, most of them in the West, covering…

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Aram Sargsyan

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