Ariana Hovsepyan

Everyone in the family was having a hard time parting with Amalia. When in the evening before leaving, she came with her children and her husband to say goodbye to her relatives, Murad said bitterly:

— Amalia, sister, forgive us! Remember, we are always proud of you! And your marriage did not affect our affection for you in the least! I’m sorry if we offended you with our departure … But we are sure dad is right! — Murad stretched out his arms, hugged his sister and touched her cheek with his face, she pressed herself against him, unable to answer. — We are facing serious trials, God willing, we will overcome them …

And then Amalia burst

— No, no! .. — she shouted with anguish. «You can’t leave us!» Amalia could no longer hold back the sobs that were choking her chest. Hot tears flowed unceasingly, covering her eyes.

Vardan seemed to be petrified in the doorway, his heart contracted into a bleeding lump pierced by pain. He covered his mouth with his hands, afraid to moan or burst into tears. For a moment, everything swam before my eyes.

We will always be with you, remember this! – passionately promised Murad. He looked from one nephew to another. — You will not lack anything, you will not know deprivation, we will help you. Your children, Amalia, will become our heirs…