I live in a new nine-storied house in Borodiya Street. In front of the house there is a flower bed and a children’s playground. My family lives on the third floor. We have two rooms in our flat: a living room and a bedroom. Our living room is the largest in our flat. There is a big bookcase in it. My parents are teachers. Literature is their hobby. That’s why we have a lot of books at home. I also like to read, and when the weather is bad, I usually sit in our living room and read my favourite book. Besides reading, you may also watch TV in this room. There is a big TV-set here and we often watch TV in the evening in a family circle. In front of the TV-set there is a big sofa and two armchairs. We like to sit here and discuss our family life.

My bedroom is my study as well. It is not big. But I have here everything I need. There is a desk, a chair, some bookshelves and a sofa. My favourite place the room is my desk. It is the best place to work and to dream.

My parents sleep in our bedroom. Before going to sleep, we all gather together in the kitchen, drink tea with biscuits, and discuss our plans for tomorrow. Our kitchen is also very cozy. There is little furniture in it. That’s why it looks wider. There is also a small round table in the middle of the room. We have here our meals.