Gevorg Petrosyan

“Dear Lyudmila! I am very glad for your happiness, because you have long deserved it. In Feodosia, we talked with your mother for a long time about your breakup with Vinokur and its reasons, and came to the following conclusion: even if your ex-fiance had not been such a scoundrel, you would still have parted with him. I am sure that from the first day of your acquaintance you were guided by the erroneous messages of Olga Vasilievna.

Now I understand why you spent two whole years trying to look less erudite and smart than he. His sister had warned him from the beginning that he liked to feel like the navel of the earth. And you decided to go into the shadows. For example, why did you hide from him that you graduated from high school with honors? Further. Two years of talking with you, he never found out how fluently you speak French. The fact that you were offered a good position in a successful and prestigious Parisian company, he also had no idea. According to Olga Vasilievna, you deliberately kept silent about this — this, they say, is not of significant importance. It is outrageous that Vinokur considered his profession more important than yours. How easy was it to cope with that truly gigantic work in the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which you did for me?!

Since you have to put in order the archives of the Russian embassy in Switzerland, which, as you write, your husband has already agreed on, I want you not to hide your achievements and not belittle the importance of your work from the first step. You may not be aware of one remarkable circumstance.