Hayk Mamidzhanyan

In the evening of the next day, Vardan left for Simferopol. Already on the train, he remembered that he had not taken the English book from Khristenko, presented to him by Vladimir Pavlovich, and regretted it. Reading would distract him from the gloomy thoughts crowding in his head after yesterday. Events in Khristenko’s house unfolded with such unpredictability that everyone who participated in them could not recover for a long time. Moreover, each assessed them according to the degree of their own participation in preventing the impending tragedy.

Olga Vasilievna rejoiced because her husband would live, was infinitely grateful to Vardan and despised the scoundrel Vinokur.

But Lyudmila Vladimirovna deeply experienced her guilt, felt hatred for a potential groom, who suddenly discovered unheard-of baseness, and dishonor, and self-interest. And with this man she was going to connect her life! After so many years of loneliness, the main thing for her was to start a family, find support and support in her. And the picture … She would have inherited it sooner or later anyway. Now everything has collapsed.

Yes, there are many bad doctors in the world, and there are many crooks among them. But to treat people with the “reverse” method, that is, first bring the patient to a near death, and then try to save — your will, this is too much.