Your mom and I lived together for eight years, but before that we had met for three whole years. We had time to study each other and make a final decision. There were happy and painful moments in our family life, but most importantly, we had mutual trust and respect, love for children and care for them, a mutual desire to raise and educate them as worthy people. This is the law of life. He is harsh and hard. Therefore, love must be treated with caution, but one must be able to rejoice in happiness, to cherish it.

Different people have different fates. Not everyone, especially in youth, thinks about the wise law of nature. For some, the meaning of life is to have fun, and the sooner you start, the better, and everything else is from the evil one. Like bright one-day butterflies, these people flutter from flower to flower in search of external beauties. However, beauty soon fades. Fleeting happiness ends with a quick collapse and breakup of rapidly formed couples. Others, perhaps less beautiful outwardly, are not seduced by beauty, they look for other spiritual qualities in their life partner and, as a rule, are happy longer, raise and educate worthy offspring. The temptations of easy happiness are especially great for narcissistic men, spoiled by female attention. What you said brings me to the conclusion — your friend belongs to this type of men. They usually fail to find their true half.

I raised you to be a smart, independent, hard-working girl. You had a rough childhood. I don’t want to interfere with your feelings. You are adults, solve your own problems. But as a father, I am responsible for the fate of my daughter and I consider it necessary to advise: do not rush, test yourself with time. It is known to be the best healer in heart matters. Think over my words, daughter.