Levon Yeranosyan

Amalia heard that first births are especially difficult. But it is one thing to know, and quite another to experience it for yourself. Unbelievable suffering fell on her. For six hours she lay on a hard table, writhing in unbearable pain. The doctor didn’t leave her side. He asked, begged to push more, to scream. Everything was useless. Suddenly he noticed that the baby’s hand was preventing the free exit. Eliminated a sudden obstacle, and everything went on as usual. Amalia felt relieved and followed by acute bliss. She did not remember how she ended up in another room, how much time had passed.

A blissful slumber was interrupted by crying. Amalia opened her eyes and saw a smiling doctor and a nurse with a baby in her arms.

— Happy birth of your son, mother! The doctor congratulated her. — He will be happy with you — he was born in a “shirt”. Look, what a handsome man they gave birth to!

With curiosity and fear, Amalia took the little body in her arms. Silently, the baby opened its eyes.

A small, still senseless, but inexpressibly beautiful and dear face was looking at her. A wave of pity for this helpless creature swept over her.

With a quiet, involuntarily escaped exclamation, “You are my dear!” she pressed this little body to her. Not embarrassed by the doctor, she released her breasts, moved the nipple to her son’s mouth.