Amalia gave birth to her first child on June 17, 1909. In the morning, she…

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Lucy Hakobyan

Instead of answering, she kissed him on the lips. Arkady picked her up in his…

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Amalia smiled. He had never seen a sweeter and more charming smile on her face….

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Rudolph could not fail to notice the depressed state of his mother. He connected this…

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Having placed his passengers, the driver waved his whip, and the tarantass set off. From…

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Sona Shahgeldyan

After reading these verses, Vardan decided that his stubborn silence had lost all meaning and…

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Lyudmila spoke slowly, choosing her words carefully. It was evident that the subject mattered to…

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Hasmik Karapetyan

For a month of communication with children, Lyudmila recognized what they were like. Unlike the…

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Sarkis Tsaturyan

The three weeks spent by the Khristenko family in Feodosia flew by almost instantly. In…

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Natalya and I set examples for our children with our natural behavior: we concentrated on…

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