As usual, it began at nine o’clock with some formalities. I was responsible for the test our laboratory made. So I prepared and checked up thepapers for it. It took me about an hour. At ten o’clock we began the test. Twelve people were busy in it.

At one o’clock we had a break for dinner. It lasted forty-five minutes. During the break we went downstairs to have dinner in the canteen.. Then my friends and I had a smoke, discussed yesterday’s news and after the break we went on with our test. The test results were excellent. I wrote them down and handed the report to our chief.

At five o’clock I got in touch with some specialists of the Research Institute by telephone and informed them of the test results.

At 5.45 p.m. my working day was over. On my way home I did shopping. My wife was glad to see me with my hands full of foodstuffs. That was yesterday.

Part three
But now I am in my office. My working day will be over in half an hour. What shall I do in the evening?

I’ll come back home at seven o’clock. As usual, I’ll greet my wife and children; we’ll exchange news and then at about eight o’clock we’ll have supper together. I’ll help my wife to lay the table. After supper, though 1 don’t like it, I’ll wash up. It is my duty. At nine, as always, I am going to watch the TV news programme. Then a feature film will be on and my wife will join me by all means. Besides, I’ll answer some telephone calls and ring somebody up myself. At half past eleven I’ll go to bed, and the next morning the alarm-clock will wake me up very early.