Request. will you participate in the opposition rally or not

Menstruation did not come. Of course, a day of delay is not a reason to be nervous. However, I have never been so afraid of getting pregnant as I am now.

I can’t even imagine what I will do if my fears are confirmed. Abortion is out of the question. But also to give birth and raise a child without mother’s help … can I? Tell Vardan? No, it’s better not to spoil his impressions of the first day in the service. It is necessary to present the news differently — as a natural and long-awaited result of our beautiful love epic.

After the wedding celebrations, Vardan really became a particle of my soul. Every second spent next to him is unique. It’s about the harmony of two souls who have found themselves. He says I’m the best in the world. No, I’m just him.

Now I understand: happiness is made up of little things. To inhale with him the exciting sea air on the deck of a steamer — isn’t that happiness? Feeling the touch of his lips is not bliss?