The thoughts are racing through my head and I can’t concentrate. In my opinion, the most important thing is our father. As soon as Amalia entered the house, he immediately, in the blink of an eye, rejuvenated and forgot about his sores. Lord, how he tried to guess her every desire, every whim! We all felt guilty before her, but we certainly did not execute ourselves like a father. But the days passed, Amalia’s departure drew near, and my father’s mood gradually worsened again. In the end, he did not even have the strength to go to the station. And a few days before that, they, dad and sister, had a serious conversation. He invited her to stay in Switzerland. Amalia refused, because, firstly, she has no idea how to leave children, and secondly … Even if she could leave them, they would be in big trouble in Armenia because of her. When she recounted to me a conversation with dad, I noticed that my sister was absolutely not worried about the further fate of her husband. Amalia answered my direct question something like this:

“I am very sorry that at one time I did not listen to my dad, because he was always against our marriage with Arkady. Although, to be honest, I was too much in love with him. Even if dad tried to stop us, he still wouldn’t succeed. Only now, after twenty years of marriage, I saw in my husband those negative traits that dad felt intuitively.

Amalia’s story about long-term observations of her husband raised her even more in my eyes. I’ll give you something from memory: